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Qxd 12/6/07 9:37 am Page 40 40 1001 Gruesome Facts Napoleon’s starving troops were told to eat the flesh of horses that had died on the battlefield. They used a sprinkling of gunpowder as seasoning! A ripe jackfruit smells of rotten onions. Entomophagy is the habit of eating insects – over 1,200 species of insects are gobbled down all over the world. Animal fat from cooking meat is a common cause of sewer blockages. Thames Water flushers in central London once had to clear a solid lump of fat blocking 45 metres (150 feet) of sewer.

Gelatine (also known as E441) is made by boiling up animal skin, cartilage and bone for hours on end. It is added to a range of foods such as gummy sweets and jelly. New York Times journalist William Buehler Seabrook obtained a chunk of fresh human meat from a hospital so that he could cook and eat it for research. He said it tasted like veal. Pets-de-nonne (nun’s farts) are delicate Canadian cinnamon rolls. Nuns don’t fart, surely? Red whelks can sometimes be mistaken for edible whelks, but their saliva is highly toxic.

Like rubber bands, they can also snap. After a car accident in Nottinghamshire, England, a back seat passenger was impaled by a snooker cue that had been in the car’s boot. It missed her vital organs and she was released from hospital after only three days. 5 metres (9 feet)… from his eye! Gruesome Body Facts Italian artist Piero Manzoni filled 90 small tins with his own faeces for a 1961 exhibition. Some of them later exploded! qxd 11/6/07 5:13 pm Page 34 34 1001 Gruesome Facts St. Louis barber Bill Black used the hair clippings swept from his floor to make vests, shirts, ties and even a bikini!

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