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By Chris Bucholtz

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4th Fighter staff "Debden Eagles" КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Издательство: Osprey Publishing LtdСерия: Aviation Elite devices 30Автор(ы): Chris BucholtzЯзык: EnglishГод издания: 2008Количество страниц: 66x2ISBN: 978-1-84603-321-6Формат: pdf OCRРазмер: 45,9 mb RAPIDили IFOLDER sixty eight

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We had climbed up to 30,000 Fe when I sighted Four Me 109s coming in below us', reported 2Lt HoFer. 'I attacked, but lost sight of them in the haze. [ pulled up and sighted three Fw 190s attacking a B-17. We bounced them. We were trying to scare them oFF, but they didn't seem to see me. Finally 1 closed in on one, gettingstrikes. The aircraFt started smoking, the hood was jettisoned and the pilot baled. The other two broke to the leFt. 'I then pulled up and saw 2LtThomas Fraser, my wingman, behind the other (\VO Fw 190s.

At 1500 hI'S, an order arrived that all aeroplanes would be painted with five alternating white and black bands on the wings and fuselage. Bombs were staged next to the fighters in advance of the next day's operations. At 2000 hI'S, Col Blakeslee returned from a meeting and announced that the invasion would soon be underway. Three hours later, he briefed the group on the invasion plans. On D-Day, all three squadrons operated individually, with Blakeslee leading the 334 th and 335th FSs on a patrol east of Rouen between 0320 hI'S and 0945 hI'S to start the day.

The group desrroyed 24 of rhem, wirh 'Goody' Goodson wre king five himselF and sharing in rhe desrrucrion ofa sixrh. These successes came ar a price, however. The P-51 B of I Lr Clemen Fiedler (who had downed rwo BF J 09s 48 hours earlier) was hir by flak and he radioed rhar he was baling oue The pilor climb d and rolled rhe fighrer 01l[0 irs back, rhen well[ inro a dive, beFore srraighrening our and going inro a second dive, during which many objecrs flew our of rhe cockpir - bur nor Fiedler. To rhe horror oFhis Fellow pilors, Fiedler was seen hanging halFway our ofrhe aeroplane, and he perished seconds larer when rhe Musrang hir rhe ground ar high speed.

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