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31) and energy equation as given below in its integral form. In the above equation ‘e’ stands for internal energy. The first term on the left hand side of the above equation stands for the amount of heat added to control volume, the second term stands for work done by pressure and third term stands for work done by body forces on the control volume. Therefore the summation of second and third terms stands for rate of work done on the fluid inside the control volume. The first term on the right hand side stands for time rate of change of energy inside the control volume due to possible variation of flowfield variables within the control volume and second terms stands for net rate of flow of energy across the control surface.

The above relation reiterates the fact that the shock layer is thin at hypersonic speed. 7 Multiple choice questions 1. When a moving fluid particle is brought to rest adiabatically. p 0 and T0are both conserved p b) 0 is conserved but T0 is not conserved p c) 0 is not conserved but T is conserved 0 d) p 0 and T0 are both not conserved a) 2. For choked flow through a converging diverging nozzle a normal shock can form at a) throat b) converging portion c) diverging portion d) nozzle exit 3. com 62 A First Course on Aerodynamics Fundamentals of Inviscid Compressible Flow p 01 and p 02 c) T01 and T02 b) d) none of the above 4.

It is defined as the angle made by the oblique shock with horizontal direction. For an oblique shock the normal component of downstream Mach number is given by Pressure ratio is given by 56 A First Course on Aerodynamics Fundamentals of Inviscid Compressible Flow Similarly the other relations for oblique shock wave may be written by using normal component of Mach number. An important relation that connects the compression angle θ, wave angle β and free stream Mach number M is called as q − β − M relation which is given as follows For any given M1 there is a maximum deflection angle qm .

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