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By John G. Verkade

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Realizing molecular orbitals (MOs) is a prerequisite to appreciating many actual and chemical homes of subject. This broadly revised moment version of A Pictorial method of Molecular Bonding provides the author's leading edge method of MOs, producing them pictorially for a wide selection of molecular geometries. an enormous enhancement to the second one variation is the computer- and Macintosh-compatible Nodegame software program, that's coordinated with the textual content and aids in pictorially educating molecular orbital concept utilizing generator orbitals.

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PROBLEMS I. Sketch all the 6h atomic orbitals and label the 8, fjJ, and r nodes. 2. How many spherical nodes (not counting the node at infinity) are present in the (5dO), (5fl"), and (6p I ') orbitals? 3. Makea plot of VCr) in eVas a function ofrfor Hand Li2+. Label the r axis with the appropriate units of length. 4. Calculate the potential energy and the total energy for the Is02s 1 and the Is02pz l states of the hydrogen atom. 5. Verify Equation 2-36. 6. Justify Figure 2-13 from Equations 2-37 to 2-39.

Regions where the wave function is positive are solid contours and where it is negative the contours are dashed lines. The nodes are represented by shorter dashed lines. Note the planar nodes in (2px), (2py), and in the set of four d orbitals; the conal nodes in (2pz), (3pz), (3dz 2 ), (3dxz), (3dyz); and the spherical node in (3pz), (3px), (3py). Because of the greater density in the smaller (2p) orbital (which is not drawn to scale), the contours are reduced in number by a factor of five compared to the larger (3p) and (3d) orbitals in order to avoid running too many contours into each other.

3pO) = (3pz) (3s) (3p 1') = (3px) (3p1") = (3py) (3d 1') = (3dxz) (3d 1") = (3dyz) e= 54 4,\,,+', § ,, ' , 0 -, " , , , ' + ' (3d2") = (3dxy) (4fO) (4f1') (4f1 ") Figure 2-6, Drawings of lobes and nodes of atomic orbitals. All drawings are threedimensional representations except those for the (2s) and (3s) orbitals, The angles e (see Figure 2-1) for the conal nodes are also given. The orbitals are not drawn to scale. 2. + M:M ... (5g4") stack a series of contour plots along y which are parallel to the xz plane in order to obtain a three-dimensional picture of this orbital.

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