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By Chick Corea

Out of print self released publication via Chick Corea with a few of his insights into enjoying the piano, comping, making time, composing, and his own regulations as a musician.

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This lends Arabic melodies their characteristic Copyright 2011 Cengage Learning. All Rights Reserved. May not be copied, scanned, or duplicated, in whole or in part. indd 22 2/11/10 8:20 AM Chapter 3 | 23 MELODY sound of “sliding” or “bending” between pitches. We in the West, however, beginning with Pythagoras and the ancient Greeks, have preferred melodies with seven unequally spaced pitches within the octave. The eighth pitch duplicates, or doubles, the sound of the first, and is thus called the octave.

When an instrument produces a musical tone, it sets into motion vibrating sound waves that travel through the air to reach the listener’s ears. A faster vibration will produce a higher pitch, and a slower one a lower pitch. The lowest key on the piano sets a string vibrating back and forth 27 cycles (times) per second, while the highest key does the same at a whopping 4186 times per second. Low pitches lumber along and sound “fuzzy,” while high ones are fleetingly clear. A low note can convey sadness, a high one excitement (we don’t usually hear a sad piccolo, for example).

A. higher pitches b. lower pitches (0:22–0:44) In this passage Beethoven constructs a musical transition that moves us from the opening motive to a more lyrical second theme. Which is true about this transition? a. The music seems to get faster and makes use of a crescendo. b. The music seems to get slower. (0:38–0:42) How does Beethoven add intensity to the conclusion of the transition? a. A pounding drum (timpani) is added to the orchestra, and then a French horn plays a solo. b. A French horn plays a solo, and then a pounding drum (timpani) is added to the orchestra.

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