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By M.D. Esben Kirk

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Solution is used. If, on the other hand, the glucose is administered intravenously, a 20 p. c. concentration may be employed without risk, for the hypertonia will be balanced by the burning of the sugar. With t h e use of the isotonic solution the dose per sitting will as a rule be 1 litre; for the further treatment in inanition acidosis the presence of ketonuria will be a guide to dosing. In diabetic coma those cases in which the acidosis is considerable and the blood sugar value low will be particularly suitable for a glucose therapy, since a better insulin effect will be obtained by it and the possibility of a higher dosage of insulin.

In a few days a detailed report shall be published, in which the mode of analysis, &tc. will be minutely described. It will be found, 1 regret to say, in every essential particular, to contradict that recently given by Hermann. All my experiments, however, have been publicly performed, and can be authenticated by numerous witnesses, a precaution I thought it necessary to adopt, lest it might be supposed that 1 impugned, without sufficient foundation, the accuracy of the Moscow professor, May I add, that until the publication of my report, I shall deem the suspeusion of discussion on the results now introduced as a matter of personal courtesy and obligation.

After this, however, the dog grew increasingly dull and apathetic, and at last would hardly take either food or water. Analysis of the blood made on the 12th and 13th days after the production of the fistula showed the presence of a serious acidosis with reduction of the bicarbonate value to 12 millimols. On the 14th day after the operation the condition was very grave, the extremities were cold, the pulse was accelerated, the blood pressure much reduced and there was violent acidotic dyspnea. Analysis of the blood showed a reduction of the bicarbonate content of the plasma to 7 millimols.

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