Acoustic And Radio EEV Neurtrino Detection Activities by Rolf Nahnhauer, Sebastian Boser PDF

By Rolf Nahnhauer, Sebastian Boser

ISBN-10: 9812567550

ISBN-13: 9789812567550

The world Workshop in Zeuthen was once the 1st to mix greatly the fields of acoustic and radio detection suggestions for high-energetic particle cascades from cosmic neutrino interactions. The articles during this quantity contain the newest learn paintings which was once offered by way of over 50 audio system from 10 nations. The large insurance contains: theoretical predictions on fluxes and the possibilities of recent strategies, theoretical and experimental effects heading in the right direction fabric houses, the basics of interactions and cascade simulation, and present experimental effects and the newest neutrino flux limits. The booklet additionally considers destiny plans and experiments for either radio and acoustic equipment with the purpose of giving the reader an up to date assessment of this quickly constructing box.

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Energies above v/i^v" = \/2mNEv ~ 14 TeV (£„/10 8 GeV) 1 / 2 , (1) beyond the proton-proton c m . 2/2/) (108 GeV/£„) , (2) where Q2 is the momentum transfer squared, mw — 80 GeV the W-boson mass, and y the inelasticity parameter. Under these kinematical conditions, the predictions for i/N scattering from the perturbative Standard Model (SM) are quite safely under control (cf. Fig. 3 (left)), notably thanks to the input from measurements of deep-inelastic ep scattering at HERA 32 ' 33 . This makes it possible to search for enhancements in the vN cross section due to physics beyond the (perturbative) SM, such as electroweak sphaleron (non-perturbative B + L violation) or Kaluza-Klein, black hole, p-brane or string ball production in TeV scale gravity models.

At energies above ~1018eV it may be assumed that neutral pions are stable. The rest of mesons may be considered as stable particles at all energies. As a result almost all energy of produced hadrons would be deposited into high energy gammas which are regarded with help of the additional source term in transport equations for electron and photons. Thus in case of hadron production the standard cascade development is expected and the LPM effect is not much of importance. Contrary to this the case when a large fraction of neutrino energy is transferred to an electron may be very peculiar.

We have been studied a rock salt formation having long radio wave transparency [2, 7]. A rock salt dome seems to have a long attenuation length since it does not allow water penetration and it is covered with soil and rock, which prevent surface radio wave to penetrate. Coming in cosmic ray is only u under the overburden of a few hundred meters, which could not generate often a concentrated high-energy shower emitting radio wave by Askar'yan effect. If the attenuation length of radio wave propagation is long enough in a rock salt dome, a reasonable number of radio wave antennas could detect neutrino interactions in a massive rock salt.

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Acoustic And Radio EEV Neurtrino Detection Activities by Rolf Nahnhauer, Sebastian Boser

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