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By K. L. Mittal (Eds.)

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ISBN-10: 0841202494

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content material: Thermodynamics of adsorption and interparticle forces / D.H. Everett and C.J. Radke --
Configurational habit of remoted chain molecules adsorbed from athermal options / M. Lal, M.A. Turpin, K.A. Richardson, and D. Spencer --
Equilibrium movie strain on a flat, low-energy stable / Robert J. strong --
Binding of solute and solvent on the interface and the gibbs floor extra / D.K. Chattoraj and S.P. Moulik --
Mechanism of sulfonate adsorption on the silver iodide-solution interface / okay. Osseo-Asare, D.W. Fuerstenau, and R.H. Ottewill --
Adsorption of dyes on water-swollen and non-swelling reliable substrates / S.R. Sivaraja Iyer, A.S. Chanekar, and G. Srinivasan --
Adsorption of polystyrene on graphon from toluene / Victor okay. Dunn and Robert D. Vold --
Adsorption of ionic surfactants to porous glass : the exclusion of micelles and different solutes from adsorbed layers and the matter of adsorption maxima / Pasupati Mukerjee and Aroonsri Anavil --
DTA research of water in porous glass / Chaur-Sun Ling and W. Drost-Hansen --
Monolayer experiences. five, Styrene-acrylic acid movies on aqueous substrates / Erwin Sheppard and Noubar Tcheurekdjian --
interplay of calcium ions with the combined monolayers of stearic acid and stearyl alcohol at pH 8.8 / D.O. Shah --
touch angles in Newton-Black cleaning soap motion pictures drawn from options containing sodium dodecyl sulphate and electrolyte / J.A. De Feijter and A. Vrij --
Stratification in unfastened liquid movies / J.W. Keuskamp and J. Lyklema --
floor chemical homes of hugely fluorinated polymers / Marianne okay. Bernett and W.A. Zisman --
impression of floor oxygen complexes on floor habit of carbons / Balwant Rai Puri --
floor houses of nickel hydroxide sooner than and after dehydration to nickel oxide / M. subject, F.J. Micale, C.L. Cronan, H. Leidheiser, Jr., and A.C. Zettlemoyer --
The size of low interfacial rigidity through the spinning drop approach / J.L. Cayias, R.S. Schechter, and W.H. Wade --
Adhesion of ice frozen from dilute electrolyte ideas / H.H.G. Jellinek --
Mechanism of olfaction defined utilizing interfacial rigidity measurements / D.V. Rathnamma --
position of double interactions and spreading strain in particulate soil removing / Hermann Lange.

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Graham (4) noted a d i f f i c u l t y a r i s i n g from bulk s o l u b i l i t y of an alkane i n the substrate, such that the quantity sorbed could not be uniquely assigned as between adsorption and absorption. )). 7 erg/cm^, was an upper l i m i t ; he could not estimate the r e a l value. 3 f o r hexane and 2,9 for octane. They e x p l i c i t l y corrected for pendular r i n g condensation, and i n so doing, they obtained estimates of ir i n t h e i r systems that were very probably more v a l i d than Graham's were f o r h i s .

ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1975. 2. LAL ET AL. Isolated Chain Molecules 27 m o d i f i c a t i o n s such as the trans/gauche bond conformational energy d i f f e r e n c e and non-athermal solvents a r e introduced i n the model. We s h a l l deal with such models i n f u r t h e r studies. An important extension of t h i s work that we envisage concerns the i n v e s t i g a t i o n of the c o n f i g u r a t i o n a l behaviour of adsorbed polymer molecules as the s u r f a c e coverage v a r i e s .

J . Chem. , 4. , Proc. N a t l . Acad. , (1965), 53, 5 0 . 5. , J . Chem. , (1969), 50, 1281. 6. , J . Chem. , (1968), 48, 2835. (1965), 43, 2392. 7. C. , (1971), 4, 97. 8. , J . Chem. Soc. Faraday Trans. I I , (1973), 69, 1502. 9. , J . Chem. Soc. Faraday Trans. I I , (1974), 70, 910. 10. , and Cronan, J . Phys. , (1966), 70, 306. 11. , J . Chem. , (1967), 47, 1980. 12. 13. , Mol. , (1969), 17, 57. , Amsterdam, 1968. 14. , t o be p u b l i s h e d . ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1975.

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