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By John F. Shroder

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A glance on the geographic, political, monetary, and social features of Afghanistan, a rustic suffering to reconcile modernization with conventional values and methods.

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During the fourteenth century, Mongol authority in Afghanistan yielded to several native provincial governments, such as the Kart Emirate, and then to the forces of the Turkish noble, Timur (Tamerlane). Effective Timurid control extended through the fifteenth century. CULTURAL CONTRIBUTIONS OF EARLY AFGHANISTAN The many kingdoms and empires that controlled the region at various times made important contributions to religion, literature, architecture, agriculture, gardening, and crafts. It was from this region that the prophet Zoroaster (ca.

Purdah is a system in certain Muslim and Hindu societies of screening women from strangers. The chadri is a sacklike garment of pleated, colored silk or rayon, which covers the entire body from head to toe. An embroidered latticework covers the eyes and permits limited vision. In general, the chadri is used in urban settings by middleclass women (peasant women cannot afford either the cost or The Age of European Imperialism the inconvenience of the chadri when working in the fields). Prior to taking these steps toward modernization, the Daoud government carefully examined the Koran, the Hadith, which is the record of the sayings of Muhammad, and the Hanafi Sharia of Sunni Islam, which is a school of Islamic law.

Every hundred paces they open a well-mouth, over which they put a windsail to admit air to the water, till it arrives at the place they desire it to be brought to, by levelling. It is a wonderful art. These men dig here and there, and feign to be consulting from whence water shall be brought, or to where it shall be conducted. They are all Albanese. Most karez are horizontal wells that tap the groundwater from springs that occur in distant alluvial fans found at the base of mountains. Water is then transported (by gravity flow) in underground aqueducts (canals) to an agricultural village.

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