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Starting to be up, Alexander Graham Bell was once thinking about track, speech, and sounds. He labored tough to invent issues that might not just aid people with impaired listening to, but additionally convey humans jointly in new and designated methods. What he did not recognize used to be that his basic idea--to aid humans communicate--would swap the area while he invented the phone.

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Afterword Aleck took his new “talking machine” to a fair in Philadelphia in June 1876. Aleck won f irst prize for his invention. But no company wanted to make it and sell it. ” They said it was not really useful. Mr. Hubbard and Mr. Sanders helped Aleck create the Bell Telephone Company. More Americans started buy­ ing telephones. Aleck married Mabel Hubbard in 1877. The Bell fam­ ily grew to include two daughters, Elsie and Daisy. , and spent their summers in Canada. Mabel Bell often had trouble getting her “night owl” to sleep when he was working hard on an idea.

Watson was working on the transmitter in one room. Aleck was working on the receiver in another. Suddenly, Aleck heard a weak musical noise. He ran toward Watson. 38 “What did you do, Mr. ” he asked. “Don’t change a thing. ” Watson said the transmitter had jammed. He had tried to f ix it. He had moved the part that was stuck, and a “twang” sound came over the wire. 39 40 Aleck and Watson tried sending the sound over and over again. It worked. Quickly, Aleck drew a picture. It showed his new design for the talking machine.

46 In 1892, Aleck makes the f irst telephone call from New York to Chicago. In 1915, Aleck made the f irst phone call across the United States. From New York, he called Thomas Wat­ son in San Francisco. Smiling, Aleck said, “Mr. Watson, come here. ” Watson laughed. He said, “I’d like to Mr. ” Alexander Graham Bell died in 1922 at his home in Nova Scotia, Canada. That day, every telephone in the United States stayed silent for one minute in his honor. 47 Important Dates March 3, 1847—Alexander Bell was born in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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