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In 1958, Ott and Cornett (92) developed a method whereby the cupel is removed from the furnace and placed under a stream of nitrogen so that the lead bead is instantly frozen without oxidation. It is quite possible to hold the bead weight very close to a desired figure although some judgement is required as to the time when the cupel should be removed from the furnace. This technique requires only one series of standards for gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium in lead. It has not yet proved satisfactory for the quantitative determina­ tion of ruthenium, iridium, or osmium, but is used for most determinations of other precious metals in the present author's laboratory.

All of the precious metals are then concentrated in a copper bead obtained from the precipitate. The copper bead is analyzed spectrographically in an ac arc. Van'kin et al. (78) obtained a Russian patent on this technique in 1957. In 1958, Bufatin et al. (79) described a method for the chemical concentration of the platinum and palladium content of uranium and a subsequent spectro­ graphic analysis. Losev (80) described a method for X-ray spectrographic deter­ mination of platinum in ore by a fire assay concentration and chemical treatment of the bead prior to analysis.

92 A in all instances. 31. 57. 2 Data on the Precision of the Lead Bead Method Coefficient of variation" Element Average concentration (troy ounces per ton) (%) No. 6 356 359 349 341 332 "The coefficient of variation, V, is calculated as follows: 100 ^{ X \n-V ] m where X is the average concentration in troy ounces per ton, d is the deviation of the determination from the mean, and n is the number of determinations made. be doubled for ounces per ton; if 2 assay tons were taken, the element weights must be halved to obtain o u n c e s per ton.

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