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"Presents the main finished insurance on hand of the detection, isolation, identity, and estimation of all anionic surfactants in a wide selection of samples in hint and macro amounts. gains new chapters on volumetric and hint research, molecular and mass spectroscopy, and chromatographic processes."

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Selection of the Ion-Selective Electrode 60 D. Selection of the Titrant 60 E. Optimizing the ISE Performance 64 F. Reliability of the Endpoint 65 G. The Reference Electrode 65 IX. Alternate Methods of Endpoint Detection 67 X. Optimum pH for the Titration 67 [Cover] [Contents] [Index] [Cover] [Contents] [Index] 41 42 Page 36 XI. Special Cases 67 A. Disulfates and Disulfonates 68 B. Acid Extraction of Sulfonates 69 C. Hydrolyzable Surfactants 70 Appendix A: Primary Standard Anionic Surfactant 74 Appendix B: Surfactant Solutions—Some General Remarks 75 Appendix C: The Methylene Blue Method 76 Appendix D: The Mixed-Indicator Method 77 Appendix E: Standard Potentiometric Method 78 Appendix F: High-Precision Potentiometric Titration 79 Appendix G: Aspects of Potentiometry and Electrodes 80 References 85 I— Introduction Despite the vast array of expensive computerized equipment that is seemingly obligatory in the modern analytical laboratory, the humble burette has in many instances managed to maintain a level of importance not too far below that which it enjoyed a few decades ago, albeit perhaps now as an integral part of an automated system.

Marcel Dekker, New York, 1996, p. 46. 16. Tenside Surf. , 26(2):(1989). 17. -D. Hanser, Tenside Surf. Det. 26:80 (1989). 18. B. Fell, Tenside Surf. Det. 28:385 (1991). 19. B. Fell, in Anionic Surfactants—Organic Chemistry (H. W. ), Marcel Dekker, New York, 1996, p 2. 20. H. Hauthal, in Anionic Surfactants—Organic Chemistry (H. W. ), Marcel Dekker, New York, 1996, p. 143. 21. M. Trautmann and P. Jurges, Tenside Det. 21:57 (1984). 22. P. K. G. Hodgson, N. J. Stewart, C. E. Grant, and A. M. Nicolls, JAOCS, 67:730 (1990).

Lowest Homologs to Be Determined (Recoveries > 95%) MB MI n-alkyl sulfates C8 C10 n-alkanesulfonates C10 C12 n-alkylbenzenesulfonates C6 C8 Experimental details of both of the methods discussed above are given in the Appendixes to this chapter. [Cover] [Contents] [Index] [Cover] [Contents] [Index] Page 45 49 50 IV— Alternate Two-Phase Titration Methods The two methods discussed above are the only ones to have achieved the status of international acceptance as standard methods for anionic surfactants.

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