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After all, in the inner approach we should seek to abstract our phonology not simply from 28 Aspects of Dynamic Phonology the phonetic categories, but also wherever possible from the phonetic rela­ tionships themselves, so long as observable evidence for these relationships can be found. As mentioned in the previous chapter, the evidence from the spectro­ graph and from the cineradiograph affords measurable, concrete items which we can abstract phonetic features. from This evidence, furthermore, is a function of time, making possible dynamic measurements of the speech event.

Obstructions are not consonants in the segmental sense, for there is no such thing in this dynamic, t o t a l l y nonsegmental phonology. ular constraints (groups or, They are p a r t i c ­ more precisely, complexes of constraining fea­ tures) on the vocalic pattern that occur not sequentially vowel, but concurrently w i t h i t and superimposed upon i t . be in sequence w i t h one another. w i t h the syllabic However, they may Thus, the nature of the vocalic variables in the syllable transition w i l l determine to a great extent the precise manner of occurrence of the obstruction (as i t lacks i t own base for articulation), and it w i l l , by v i r t u e of its demands on articulators and acoustic locus requirements, a f f e c t the nature of the vowel upon which i t is imposed in a predictable (pho­ netic) manner, but in a manner of less magnitude than that of the vowel on the obstruction.

D (A is r e ­ A t f i r s t glance, we can see that we are working within a purely s t r u c t u r a l framework in which one item is transformed into another on no other basis that the presence of the item within a paradigmatic slot in the syntagm. Were we concerned here w i t h segments instead of w i t h features, we would have to conclude that the gener­ ative formula be simply a command-logic form of the old Bloomfieldian s t a t e ­ ment of allophonic distribution, as exemplified in Gleason (1961; see also Bloomfield 1926, 1933).

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