Download e-book for iPad: Atmosphere: Air Pollution and Its Effects by Dana Desonie

By Dana Desonie

ISBN-10: 0816062137

ISBN-13: 9780816062133

My son had to do a file on international warming and pollution. I picked this ebook up as a result of its contemporary booklet date. The e-book is particularly good performed. the data in it's up to date and gives many real-world examples. As a scholar, it engages my son's curiosity and he even learn extra of the ebook than he needed to for the needs of his record! As a dad or mum, i used to be subjected to many days of "Hey mother, did you know....." It was once cool. i admire any technology books which could have interaction little ones. This you can actually.

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Other objects, like this book, emit radiation in the infrared at wavelengths people cannot see. The book’s page is visible because of another property of light—reflection. This property is observed when light from a light bulb or the Sun bounces back from a surface, like the page of this book. Some surfaces reflect light better than others; for example, a snowfield reflects a much higher percentage of the light that hits it than a mud pit. The measure of the reflectivity of a surface is called its albedo.

This process has an enormous effect on the climate of northern Europe. Although London is at 51°N latitude, several degrees north of Quebec, the climate there is much more temperate, with rain instead of snow as the dominant winter precipitation. Nearby Mountains Air temperature decreases with increasing altitude because there are fewer molecules to collide with each other and less heat is generated. So the air atop a mountain range is typically colder than the air at its base. But altitude is not the only way mountain ranges shape climate.

Water naturally occurs on Earth in all three states of matter. For liquid water to change to solid ice, heat must be removed from the water. For ice to become water, heat must be added to the ice. Adding enough heat to water will turn it into a gas, or water vapor. Taking away enough heat from water vapor transforms it into water. This heat is called latent heat because the temperature of the substance does not change; all of the energy that goes in or out reorganizes the structure of the material.

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