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By Dana Desonie

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Earth's surroundings helps and protects all of its lifestyles, giving the planet its blue skies, light temperatures, and climate. yet humans use the ambience for one more goal: as a unload for waste gases and debris. pollution obscures vistas, damages ecosystems, and compromises human overall healthiness. mixed with water within the surroundings, air pollution create acid rain. within the higher surroundings, air toxins harm the ozone layer, which protects lifestyles from the sun's damaging rays. extra emissions of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane push international temperatures better, developing international warming. whereas a few toxins are effectively regulated, as inhabitants grows and industries extend, extra in depth suggestions are had to care for the numerous different types of pollution and its results. This provocative ebook tackles those concerns in a simple demeanour and exhibits readers what they could do to aid preserve our planet's surroundings.

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Where these two very different air masses come together—one mass indirectly from the equator and the other directly from the pole—is the polar front. An 31 32 Atmosphere The six-cell model of global air circulation, showing the locations of high and low pressure cells and the directions of the major wind belts on the Earth’s surface. air mass is a large body of air—hundreds of thousands of square miles in area and several miles thick—with similar temperature and humidity throughout (although these features change somewhat with altitude).

Colors in a rainbow are sometimes seen in the sky even when it is not raining; for example, when light refracts through ice crystals. Few have seen one of the most unusual of atmospheric phenomena, a mirage, though many are familiar with cartoons that feature the image of a parched traveler who sights distant palms reflected in a shimmering pond. After crawling across the scorching sand, the traveler is disappointed to discover that, although the palms are there, the pond is just an illusion. A mirage occurs when the Sun heats the air near the ground so that it is less dense than the air above it.

Most atmospheric motions are due to the uneven heating of the Earth by the Sun, since much more solar energy reaches the planet near the equator than at the poles. Convection distributes some of that excess solar heat around the globe. In each hemisphere, the atmosphere has three large convection cells (also known as circulation cells), adding up to six altogether. The major wind belts are located where air at the base of the convection cells moves horizontally along the ground. Where two convection cells meet, air rises or sinks, with the result that there is little wind.

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