Download PDF by David Konow: Bang Your Head: The Rise and Fall of Heavy Metal

By David Konow

ISBN-10: 0307565602

ISBN-13: 9780307565600

"Bang your head! steel Health'll force you mad!"
-- Quiet Riot

Like an episode of VH1's in the back of the tune on steroids, Bang Your Head is an epic historical past of each band and each performer that has proudly worn the Heavy steel badge. even if headbanging is your in charge excitement otherwise you firmly think that this much-maligned style hasn't ever bought the consideration it merits, Bang Your Head is a must-read that can pay homage to a track that's most unlikely to disregard, specially whilst being blasted via a sixteen-inch woofer.

Charting the genesis of early steel with bands like Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden; the increase of steel to the head of the Billboard charts and heavy MTV rotation that includes the likes of Def Leppard and Metallica; hitting its severe top with bands like weapons N' Roses; shame in the course of the "hair metal" '80s; and a death fueled through the explosion of the Seattle grunge scene and the "alternative" revolution, Bang Your Head is as humorous because it is informative and proves as soon as and for all that there's extra to steel than sin, intercourse, and spandex.

To write this exhaustive heritage, David Konow spent 3 years interviewing the bands, better halves, girlfriends, ex-wives, groupies, managers, list corporation pros, and somebody who used to be or is part of the steel scene, together with some of the band men frequently greater recognized for his or her escapades and undesirable habit than for his or her musicianship. not anything is left unsaid during this jaw-dropping, humorous, and interesting chronicle of energy ballads, outrageous clothes, significant hair, greater egos, and testosterone-drenched debauchery.

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