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By Steven S. Zumdahl, Donald J. DeCoste

ISBN-10: 0538736372

ISBN-13: 9780538736374

This 7th version of Zumdahl/DeCoste's best-selling INTRODUCTORY CHEMISTRY: A origin extends its concentrate on conceptual studying and challenge fixing to supply readers with the instruments they should develop into severe thinkers and challenge solvers.

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The power of 10 depends on the number of places the decimal point is moved and in which direction. The number of places the decimal point is moved determines the power of 10. The direction of the move determines whether the power of 10 is positive or negative. If the decimal point is moved to the left, the power of 10 is positive; if the decimal point is moved to the right, the power of 10 is negative. Scientific Notation: Powers of 10 (Positive) Represent the following numbers in scientific notation.

Joyce and Frank are eating raisins and drinking ginger ale. Frank accidentally drops a raisin into his ginger ale. They both notice that the raisin falls to the bottom of the glass. Soon, the raisin rises to the surface of the ginger ale, and then sinks. Within a couple of minutes, it rises and sinks again. ” Joyce fills a glass with water and drops the raisin into the glass. ” 11. 3 the statement is made that it is worthwhile for scientists, auto mechanics, doctors, politicians, and poets to take a scientific approach to their professions.

However, it is important to understand that the principles of chemistry are inherently neither good nor bad—it’s what we do with this knowledge that really matters. Although humans are clever, resourceful, and concerned about others, they also can be greedy, selfish, and ignorant. In addition, we tend to be shortsighted; we concentrate too much on the present and do not think enough about the long-range implications of our actions. This type of thinking has already caused us a great deal of trouble—severe environmental damage has occurred on many fronts.

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