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99994% Cd was obtained by distillation at mm and 450°C to 500°C (Aleksandrov and D’yakov, 1962). Resistance measurements were used to evaluate the purity. 9999% material (Aleksandrov and Udovikov, 1973)with Pb, Cu, Bi, TI, and especially Zn and As being the most difficult to remove. Przybyslawski et al. (1967)also found Pb and Bi difficult to remove. 9999% but found it impossible to reduce the content of Ca, Cu, and Mg below the sensitivity of spectral methods.

These inclusions are a consequence of constitutional supercooling. As CdTe grows, the solution at the solid-liquid interface is depleted of Cd and becomes more Te-rich. Because the liquidus temperature at the interface is less than that of the rest of the melt, dendritic growth proceeds into the undepleted regions. Subsequent lateral growth at some distance away from the original solid-liquid interface results in entrapment of Te-rich liquid. Temperature gradients are necessary to grow inclusion-free CdTe crystals from solution.

Vertical Zone ReJning The second broad area of crystal growth from congruent or near-congruent melts is the sealed-ingot vertical zone refining method. Material is zone refined, as in the method of Pfann (1966), except that the ampoule is held vertically and lowered through the zone. It has the advantage over the Bridgman technique in that the charge can be purified before crystal growth. Halsted et al. (1961)first obtained single crystals by lowering charges through rf-heated graphite sleeves at rates of 3 to 6 mm/hr.

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